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Direct your device to the sky and look in realty augmented mode at the geostationary satellites orbiting around the earth. You will have access to a list of more than 180 TV satellites with a research option capability to facilitate your search.

Once a satellite has been selected, you will be able to read a number of information necessary to your installation, such as its geographical zone (region/country), its position (longitude East or West), its elevation and azimuth as calculated based on your location. You may then “lock” such satellite: this will make appear on your phone screen an arrow which will guide the direction of your device until it becomes aligned with the satellite (only available in PRO version). Moreover, in case you do not find the satellite on the satellite list you may add it manually in your application using a simple to use interface.
In case your device GPS is defect, Satellite Pointer PRO allows you to enter positioning data manually. Finally you may change various parameters of the app through its settings menu, including highly customizable display, satellites’ labels, horizon and orbit lines colors… And many more!


+ Augmented reality, see satellites and target them directly on your display
+ Works all around the world and with any satellite
+ Very precise and smooth rendering
+ Display satellites settings such as Azimuth and Elevation angles, calculated for your position
+ Display of horizon line and geostationary orbit
+ More than 180 satellites referenced in the app
+ Search option to quickly find your satellite
+ Ability to apply rotation to satellites labels in order to increase visibility on stacked satellites
+ Option to re-calibrate your device’s sensors
+ Ability to enter location
+ Ability to add custom satellites (PRO)
+ Ability to lock satellite and target them thanks to a dynamic guidance arrow (PRO)
+ Highly customizable display, from description labels to colors selection (PRO)


Thank you for using Satellite Pointer PRO. You can send us your feedbacks at [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible. If you enjoy the app, please let us know by rating us five stars on the app store.


Satellite Pointer PROSatellite Pointer PROSatellite Pointer PRO


Size: 7.2 MB    Requires Android: 4.0 and up

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Install APK and open.

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